Three Reasons Why You Will Want To Board Your Cat Instead Of Taking The Cat On Vacation

If you are about to embark on a family vacation for the first time, you may be thinking about taking the family pets with you. While that might be a lot of fun for the family dog, it is not something most cats would enjoy. A cat would typically have to be sequestered inside a carrier while you travel because the animal would cry piteously and climb all over you and everyone else in the car looking for an escape route. Although it is an expensive option, cat boarding (such as is provided by Academy Of Canine Behavior ) may be a better way to give your kitty some time away from home while your family travels. Here are three other reasons why your cat would be better off at a kitty hotel.  

Fluffy Would Not Get Bored and Would Get Plenty of Exercise

If you have had cats for any length of time in your life, then you know that a bored cat is a destructive cat. If kitty gets bored easily, you may come home to a lot of destroyed property. Putting “Fluffy” into a cat boarding house while you are away means that the staff there can take your cat out, play with him or her for at least an hour every day, and give your cat plenty of exercise.

Fluffy Would Not Suffer Anxiety Quite as Badly

If you already know that your cat has some major anxiety issues, those issues are heightened by taking him or her on the road or leaving him/her behind. It is obvious that you cannot leave “Fluffy” by him/herself, but you also cannot torment the poor kitty by taking him/her on the road with you. At least if you board your cat, he or she has regular human interaction, which reduces his/her anxiety, and does not require him/her to be constantly on the move with you.

Fluffy Would Not Experience Painful Travel Events

If you intend to fly rather than drive, a cat cannot pop its ears in high altitude, making the entire flight painful for your pet and problematic for everyone on the plane who has allergies. In addition, a cat needs to get out of the vehicle to relieve itself regularly, and if you do not have a cat that is willing to go along the roadside and on a leash, you may end up with one constipated and irritated kitty. Traveling with your cat off its leash is definitely not recommended since he or she could encounter wild animal attacks or hit by vehicles on the road. Keeping “Fluffy” close to home in a cat boarding facility is the kindest, gentlest thing to do for him/her while you are away. 

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