How To Create A Memorial For Your Pet

When your pet passes away, it can be a very hard and emotional experience for the entire family. However, creating a memorial can help keep the memory of your pet alive and help with the grieving process. Here are some different ideas for creating a pet memorial.

Place a Memorial in Your Backyard

The first way to create a memorial for your pet is by having an actual memorial statue or gravestone in your backyard. This is a good option if you decided to bury the pet’s remains on your own property, but it can also simply be a memorial that is moved to different homes as you move. There are different types of memorials that work good for a yard, from a custom-made statue of your pet to a traditional stone gravestone marker. With the statue, you might be able to find one of the same breed as your pet. You can also pay more to get one custom-made with the pet in a certain pose, such as jumping or sitting.

Have the Ashes Made Into Art or Jewelry

If you are having the pet cremated, you can save the ashes and use them for different types of memorials. Ashes can be used if you intend to have a painting done of the pet. Ask the artist to mix some of the ashes into the paints they are going to use. This works for many types of paintings, like acrylic and oil paintings. The ashes will be in the custom painting, providing a good way to remember your pet and have an actual replica of them. You can also use the ashes to make custom jewelry for loved ones, such as a metal locket with a picture of the pet inside and some of the ashes in the actual metal part of the pendant.

Make a Photo Tribute

You may also want to make a memorial that is easy for anyone in the family to view at their leisure. One way to do this is with a photo or video tribute. You can make a slide show of photos and video clips from your pet’s life, sharing the special moments the pet had with the family. This may be when you brought it home for the first time, when it wore a funny Halloween costume, or when it was outside playing with the kids. Post it on a website where anyone can view the tribute at any time.

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