Dog Grooming: What Are The Health Benefits?

You may decide to groom your dog because it helps keep hair from their eyes and ensures their coat looks nice, but there are also some health benefits. Here are some reasons to have your dogs groomed on a regular basis.

It Helps With Dry Skin and Allergies

If you have a dog that suffers from dry skin or allergies, such as dermatitis, you might notice that the skin tends to be worse when your dog has longer hair. This is caused by a variety of different reasons. First of all, when your dog’s hair is long, it has more dander, which can irritate the skin and cause more problems with their skin allergies. The hair might also be matted and knotted, where bacteria and various allergens get caught in the hair, further irritating its skin. Another reason is because you can’t brush it as easily. Brushing regularly is important for your dog because it releases natural skin oils. When you can’t do this, the dog’s hair and skin becomes much drier.

You Can Inspect the Dog More Easily

Your dog might have sores, dry patches, or signs of infection but you can’t see it due to their overgrowth of fur. Dogs like poodles have hair that becomes curly and matted, which is hard to see through in order to look for issues with your dog’s skin, nails, eyes, and ears. It may have a large scratch that is prone to infection without proper treatment, but you were unable to see it. Trimming the hair also lets you look for signs of dry skin, hot spots, or inflammation that needs treatment from your veterinarian. You can also look into your dog’s ears to look for drainage and other signs of an ear infection, and to see if your dog’s eyes are in good condition.

It Lets You Look For Parasites

You may also need to look more closely on your dog’s skin for signs of parasites. These are not only a nuisance, but they can have a negative effect on your dog’s health. Some parasites give them allergic reactions, while others can make them extremely ill. For example, if your dog gets ticks, those ticks can bite which causes Lyme disease. Even if the dog is vaccinated against Lyme disease, it can still make it very ill. Fleas also cause a host of problems, not just for the dog, but for other pets and your home. By keeping the fur shampooed and groomed, you reduce these parasites and can spot them more easily.

For more information, contact a pet grooming service. 

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