Choosing a Dog Bed

Do you know what type of bed is best for your dog? If you pay attention to some of the clues your pup will give you, it will be easier to make a choice that will provide the most comfort. It is frustrating to buy a dog bed, only to watch Fido walk circles on your kitchen rug and plop down in the middle of the work area. To help prevent wasted money on a bed that just isn’t your dog’s style, here are some tips based on the clues you can pick up from your pooch:

The Cradled Companion

Have you noticed your dog resting its head on pillows, or arms on your furniture? If so, your dog is smart enough to understand what a pillow is for. This is also a clue that your pet might enjoy a bolstered pillow bed. These beds are like a big, fluffy pillow with a raised edge your dog can lay its head on.

Little Snugglers

You know this dog by the way it nestles into you, your chair, against your shoes, or touching anything else that makes it feel secure. Small breeds are the most common snugglers, but even larger dogs can have this trait. If your dog fits this description, it will enjoy resting in a bed that offers an over-stuffed pillow that it can burrow into, along with a wall surrounding it. Your little snuggler will be able to nestle into the pillow and have its body pressed up against the wall for comfort.

Old or Sore

Dogs that have lived past their prime, and breeds that have joint issues will prefer an orthopedic bed. Much like people, these dogs need a bed that can support their joints, while providing a soft place to lie down. These beds come in different styles and sizes. Look for the package to say that it is orthopedic, not just an over-stuffed pillow. The bed needs to have memory foam or box spring construction to give your pup the support it needs.

The Chewer

If you have a puppy or a dog that needs to chew on things, you will want to look for a bed that is chew-resistant. You can find these in many styles, as it is typically just a stronger material that will be used to construct the outer layer.