Selecting a Cat Bed

When you consider how many hours of your cat’s life are spent snoozing, you will understand that a cat bed is an important investment. If you can find a bed that your cat prefers to use, you can prevent them from napping on the furniture. When you are choosing the bed for your cat, here are a few tips to consider.


–Cats like to have places where they can hide. In the wild, many cats sleep in dens. Providing a bed that has walls and a top will help you cat feel like it has a private den where it will be safe. Cats also like to sleep in warm areas, and you can find beds that have heating systems. This isn’t essential, but it will help your cat feel comfortable, especially if it has arthritis.


–Cats come in various sizes, and the bed you select should accommodate its movement. Remember that if you are buying the bed while your cat is still growing, the bed will need to be large enough for its adult size. Your cat will need enough room to move around, and to knead as it relaxes.


–The bed should be made of materials that you can keep clean. Some beds will have a cover that can be removed for washing. This is ideal because it will make it easy for you to maintain it. The bed also needs to be comfortable. Look for materials that are soft, and will provide comfort.

Once you have selected the right bed, you need to find the best place to put it. Cats will feel most secure if they are up high. If you can put the bed on a shelf or ledge, this would be ideal. If you have more than one cat, don’t force them to be neighbors. Let them have a spots of their own.